Human Energy Index

When we talk about energy we limit ourselves to energy produced and used by things other than humans. Eg. Energy saving lamps that have fluorescent tubes. The lamps convert electricity to light and ultimately light is consumed by humans. But the story does not end here. The light of a lamp can be used for reading a book, browsing a site, illuminating a patio, lighting a Rock Show, or even for writing a blog post.

The use of a form of energy is not yet measured according to its ultimate use. A Human Energy Index can help in quantifying the energy and its ultimate use. It would be difficult to quantify it in absolute terms like- Meter, Kilogram, Seconds etc. Rather this index can be in relative terms similar to the relativity theory of Einstein.

One prime factor of this index would be the number of people benefited by a form of energy in first person. Eg. People attending a Rock Show enjoy the lights behind the concert in person and directly. Where as those who watch a Rock Show on TV, iPhones or any other form of media are not in first person. For these people, lights generated by advanced computer graphics can produce the same effect as the original one. Therefore when we calculate the Human Energy Index of lights in a Rock Show it is the live audience that counts more than the remote audience.

Same idea can be applied to a Football Match, BasketBall Game, Presidential Debate and so on.

At micro level, a small amount of electrical energy in a portable music player provides a long duration of enjoyment to a listener. Similarly talking on a cell phone saves energy of physically going to a person. But the point here is that even with these savings we are still using a large amount of Human Energy. Eg. A person listening a songs is devoting a large amount of his time on this player. A person talking on cell phone is spending a lot of hours on unnecessary talks.

Human Energy Index is not limited to measuring utilization of energy on Human Beings. Rather it even measures use of Human Energy on Human Beings.

In the nascent stage, Human Energy Index can start with basic uses like conversion of light energy to human entertainment, connections, communication etc. But in the advanced stages the use would be to measure each and every thing that we use and spend energy on. Eg. Whether Golf is a game with less Human Energy Index or a Soccer game.

The time period of popularity of Human Energy Index is around the time when the energy savings from physical devices would be in a mature form.

How to Transmit Human Beings over the Internet

Till now we can transfer data, voice, video over the internet. I think within next 30 years we will be able to transfer human beings over the internet. Unbelievable! Let me describe you how.

I hope you agree that next generation belongs to touch screen devices. As of now touch screens are one way touch. You can touch a screen and the computer processes the signals of your touch. In return computer can give you back video or audio displays. But it does not give you back any sense of touch.

Nowadays researchers are working on touch screens that can give you back a feeling of touch. Eg. If you touch the image of a shirt in your device, it will feel like cloth. If you touch the image of water in a lake it will give you a feel of touching water. See the articles on IEEE and Technology Review sites.

This will be a great breakthrough for the internet. Out of our five senses-Visions (Eye), Hear (Ear), Smell (Nose), Taste ( Mouth), Skin(Touch), the internet can transfer data for only two senses – Eye & Ear. Though people are trying hard to bring Smell and Taste transfer through the internet, yet it appears that it will take while for people to consume something transferred through internet by their nose and mouth…:-)

The third sense whose data will be transferred successfully through the internet would be touch (skin). Once the feeling of touch is incorporated in the touch screen device, it will bring a new revolution.

Just think that you will be able to touch the shirt that you want to buy online. You will be able to touch almost any real life thing through the touch screen device. Most of the brick and mortar stores will see the real competition then. The feeling of touch would not be limited to non-living things. It would extend to living things like us humans too.

You would be able to see the image of a person and feel the touch of that person. Wait a second, why would we see the image? At this point we would see the 3D image person. So it would be same as sitting in front of that person and you have the option of touching that person.

To cut the long story short, the way we can now see 3D image from a 2D display, the touch of a person will also be projected in a 3d way.  I mean if you shake hands with a person, the software would not only show you the 3D hand, but also the touch screen will give you a feeling of 3D handshake touch.

I think if we survive 2012 and the more doomsday prophecies, it would be possible for most of us to see the transmission of human beings over the internet in next 20-30 years.

I just wish that visionaries like-Steve Jobs live to see such a digital lifestyle in future.