Why you should always buy a car made on Wednesday?

Old Toyota Car - still running

Most of the car dealers, mechanics and car manufacturers buy the cars that are made on wednesday. Why?

Reason is simple. On Monday and Friday the absenteeism is highest in the car factory. (why? Just because its common to add an extra day off around the weekend.) In car factory, its a assembly line operation. One guy fixes your side mirrors, another guys puts on the seats,  another guys installs the steering wheel. Each one of these is expert in its own area of work.

Lets say on one Monday they are short of people installing the steering wheel, they may ask a guy from another area to install it. Else the assembly line will slow or may stop. Now you can guess what will happen if a worker installing the side mirrors is asked to install the steering wheel. Even small things like Glove compartments can be incorrectly installed due to this shuffling.

Well there is always a quality department to check the defects after the car is made. But same rule of absenteeism applies to quality department too.

Eventually, it is Wednesday when the absenteeism is lowest in the factory. And you can expect right guy doing the right job.

Thats the reason Car Dealers and other Car industry related people buy the cars made on Wednesday.

Just check the manufacturing date of your car and see when was it made.