USA 2.0

United States of America has come long way from its origin and it reached its peak of being Super Power in the World. But the recent recession in economy and unprecedented growth in the economy of China has brought USA to a point where it would be nececcary to  launch a new version i.e. USA 2.0

Like any upcoming product let me predict the features of USA 2.0:

1. Automation – The next age belongs to automation. The long lost dream of robots in the house is soon going to be realized. There was an age of Electricity, an age of Plastics, an age of Agriculture Boom, an age of the Internet; Soon there will be an age of Automation. If you are in USA, you will find that in next 10 years you would be surrounded by Robots (I know it sounds like a cliche, even though we have not seen many robots in our back yard). This is still an imagination that has lingered in our minds for such a long time. Now it seems the time is ripe for the Robots that can cut our grass, make our bed, clean our house and even make a nice cup of coffee. Read my future posts on the kinds of Robots we would see in USA 2.0.

2. Alternate / Low Energy Devices: People of USA are very fond of things and devices. It is inevitable that they would be able to live without these. These devices define their life-style. But these devices make USA one of the biggest consumer of energy that comes from Oil. Recent trend of Energy Star standards would come a long way to make alomst every thing energy efficient.

3. All Natural Food: The food in USA is one of the biggest inhibitor of productivity. It is full of carbohydrsates, sugar, artificial colors and lots of preservatives. It makes people lazy, obese and sick. The cost of this kind of food on human productivity is very high. The trend is now towards organic and natural food. With advances in refrigeration and supply chain, it makes more sense to eat fresh and all natural food. It would be a healthy choice for USA 2.0.

4. Personal Transportation: Currently, Car and Flight are the most popular choices for transportation. The car has two big limitations, Firstly a car requires a parking lot. Secondly, you need to walk to the car in parking lot to get anything done. This adds to unlimted hours of wasting time. A personal transportation system that can take you from the place you are sitting or let say from outside of a building to the outside of another building without the hassle of parking and walking would be the coice of people in USA 2.0. Or there could be a case of cars coming automatically out of any parking lot to you.

5. Personal Home Delivery: This point is similar to the Automation point. But it is different in the sense that it would save so much of time and resources that USA 2.0 would just wonder how people in USA 1.0 were living with just the Internet and no Personal Home Delivery. The idea is that there will be flying robots to provide you Personal Home Delivery of almost every thing. Isn’t it odd that a Pizza guy has to pick a pizza, keep in the car, start the car, drive the car, find your home, ring the bell, deliver the Pizza and then go back to his shop. One pizza delivery is making a persona busy. It is not the kind of job USA 2.0 needs. Instead there would be a flying robot. Once your order is ready the robot will just fly and deliver the pizza to you within minutes via the shortest air route. Not only Pizza, there would be so many other things like- Coffee, Bakery Items, Fresh milk or any thing for which you have to drive to your nearest grocery store would be delivered through this Personal Delivery System without you taking a step out of your home.

6. Doctors and Scientists: I am not prejudiced towards any kind of job, except doctor and scientist. In future these are the two jobs USA 2.0 population needs to fulfil. With automation the jobs like- Toll Booth Operator, Parking Attendant, Cashier etc would shrink. Instead there would be need for jobs in Science and Medical area. With the shortage of Doctors in the whole World, it makes more sense for USA 2.0 to produce more doctors.

The list of things in USA 2.0 is very long. If you want to add some more points to the list write it in comments.