What kind of Code Animal are you?

There are different types of Code Animals I have come across during my career spanning more than a decade in IT industry. I am able to mention only some of these. Please find which one you are:


  • Code Monkey: As the name suggests, they jump on each new technology or jargon they hear about. SQL to NOSQL, REST to UNREST, they are always jumping on technology, without mastering anything.
  • Code Cow: They generate so much amount of Code in a day that it is not possible to review it even in a week! Just read for loops in their code.
  • Code Turtle: This guys writes code so slow that 2-3 deadlines pass before any thing valuable comes out. Every time you ask the status, they will be running some imaginary test on their 2 lines of code change.
  • Code Pig: Often find in large companies where cesspool can exist. They enjoy spending time on Code full of Sh*t.
  • Code Dog: Oh! every line of code this guys writes, there are 10 lines of exceptions and debug messages. Remember, barking Code Dogs, seldom write!
  • Code Lion: Well! looks like the best of the breed. As soon their code sees production, everything fails with P1 errors. And the Code Lion comes gracefully and solves it in a few hours. Nobody notices, that it was Code Lion’s code that was failing before 😉
  • Code PeaCock: They just dress like coders. They need not write any code. They participate in all company events that are not related to actual coding.
  • Code Hawk: This guys looms around everyone and just find faults in other’s code. Looks for small-small mistakes. And once he finds a mistake in code, he makes a kill and flies back to sky.
  • Code Panda: They are cool animals. They just code for company snacks like- Nuts, Juices, Coffee or candies. Remuneration is a side effect of coding for them 🙂

FaceBook Siri Friend

I think in next 5 years, Facebook will provide an option to add Siri or someone similar to Siri as friend. This friend will be a BOTFriend that has already learnt so much from the social interactions in facebook that it can figure out when to say Congrats and when to say happy anniversary and when to recognize that awesome profile picture.


Since this BOTFriend will be backed by a large set of servers like Google search, it will be respond to more than 1 person at a time. It would be able to learn your choices, tastes, likes and dislikes and respond appropriately.

Not only that, it will be able to recognize, which of your profile pictures are Photoshopped, from where did you actually check in, how long did you spent at a place. In a way it will be able to know more about you than what you think.


This BOTFriend will be able to pep you up before an important event or give you right directions before a trip or even suggest you things during a travel. I know this all looks futuristic, but with billions of interactions on Facebook it is possible sooner than you think.


Till then let the donation of Social data on Facebook continue..:-)



After a long time, I guess after the Apple’s iphone, that introduced Touch in cellphones, this is the first time I saw a disruptive product: 3Doodler.


Its a pen that can create things in 3D with some sort of plastic that is fed into it.

Its not exactly an electronic device. But just imagine if the electronic part is added to this. Eg. A program starts tracking the moves done by a person to create an object. Then this program can run again on this pen to recreate this object.

Only once a person has to create a masterpiece and its copies can be generated automatically. You create a building block once, the pen will generate the copies of that building block.


I think its the beginning of the age of getting stuff done automatically…i mean Robots!!