How much Facebook knows about us?

Most of us think that we just share our vacation photos, witty status messages, funny videos, inspiring quotes, dinner locations, kids activities etc with our friends on Facebook. All this is trivial information that we want our friends to know and we have no qualms about sharing it.

My guess is Facebook knows following about an active user:

1. When you post your personal photos, FB knows: What colors do you like most? What styles do you like most? Whether you like casuals or formals? Which brands you like most?

2. Are you married or single? What is your family size? Where does your kid study or go for daycare?

3. Where do you live? What kind of house you own?

4. What places you like more? Are you outdoor vacation type person? Do you like eating out often? What kind of food you like?

5. How old are you? How do you look for your age? With your so many photos a software can easily guess your dress size?

6. Who are your friends? What is your status in a group? Do you lead the group or remain just a member? Do you just share things that others have shared with you earlier?

If I start listing all the items, it would be a very long list.

My best guess is that Facebook knows your IQ. Some of my friends are sharing messages like- Share this photo of this God within 5 minutes and something good will happen to you? The kind of comments people make on a photo shows their IQ level. The point is that one can observe the interactions between other people on Facebook by seeing their photos and comments. It shows who is naïve and who is smart? Who is good at words and who is not? Who is gullible and who is the culprit? There is so much of data that it is so easy to calculate a person’s IQ.

If Facebook shares this information with marketers, it is a dangerous situation. How easy it would be a for a marketer to target low IQ persons for its shoddy, out-dated, over-priced products?

Even for a normal IQ person, with Facebook data in hand, a marketer already knows the color you like, the dress size that fits you, the budget you have, the style you like, the car you own.

I think in near future, people who are active on Facebook will start observing that how easily they are getting the products they like. No need to search for that specific color shirt for your size in the market, it will be already on display on your Facebook page. You need to just do add to cart and checkout…Smile

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