iDeliver – Personal Delivery System by Mini-Choppers

Every day we make a lot of short trips by Car in US. Downside is not only Traffic Congestion, but also our effort and time to drive the car to buy a gallon of milk. Or a Pizza Delivery person bringing a whole truck to deliver one Pizza to our home.

I propose a Personal Delivery System (iDeliver) that will be run by automated mini choppers, the ones that Kids already are flying by using a remote. The only difference is that these will be guided by GPS and controlled by some wireless device like a Smartphone. The chopper will be big enough to carry a small bag of grocery or Pizza or a package. It may remain parked in your back yard or hover on your rooftop.

Once you order a thing online from your local store, you can direct the chopper to go and fetch it from there. Since all the stores have a proper address/GPS coordinates, the Chopper can just go to the store where the item you bought would be ready. The store guys will just hang that bag, pizza, item to your chopper and pronto it will fly back to your home. Since your home location is the base of this chopper, it will always come back to your home after doing the work or when it senses the battery is down or fuel is low.

Since chopper is going by air route, it can take the shortest route, but for safety and legal reasons, it would be better if it flies on the shoulder area of road and remains safe.

I am just waiting for one of these to be available soon. It will save not only Gas, Time and Traffic, it will also increase the Human Value where a person does not have to earn a living by just delivering Pizzas or Packages to others in this time of email, internet and smartphones.


Update: Dec 22, 2013: has announced the Prime Air that will deliver the shipments through air. Link:

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