What kind of Code Animal are you?

There are different types of Code Animals I have come across during my career spanning more than a decade in IT industry. I am able to mention only some of these. Please find which one you are:


  • Code Monkey: As the name suggests, they jump on each new technology or jargon they hear about. SQL to NOSQL, REST to UNREST, they are always jumping on technology, without mastering anything.
  • Code Cow: They generate so much amount of Code in a day that it is not possible to review it even in a week! Just read for loops in their code.
  • Code Turtle: This guys writes code so slow that 2-3 deadlines pass before any thing valuable comes out. Every time you ask the status, they will be running some imaginary test on their 2 lines of code change.
  • Code Pig: Often find in large companies where cesspool can exist. They enjoy spending time on Code full of Sh*t.
  • Code Dog: Oh! every line of code this guys writes, there are 10 lines of exceptions and debug messages. Remember, barking Code Dogs, seldom write!
  • Code Lion: Well! looks like the best of the breed. As soon their code sees production, everything fails with P1 errors. And the Code Lion comes gracefully and solves it in a few hours. Nobody notices, that it was Code Lion’s code that was failing before 😉
  • Code PeaCock: They just dress like coders. They need not write any code. They participate in all company events that are not related to actual coding.
  • Code Hawk: This guys looms around everyone and just find faults in other’s code. Looks for small-small mistakes. And once he finds a mistake in code, he makes a kill and flies back to sky.
  • Code Panda: They are cool animals. They just code for company snacks like- Nuts, Juices, Coffee or candies. Remuneration is a side effect of coding for them 🙂

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